Thursday, 17 December 2015

ADIEU 2015 - WELCOME 2016

It's mid Dec already. I am sitting and reviewing the year.

2015 has indeed been a great year in my life on many scores, being an important milestone as well.
It brought about amazing facilitating through me, whereby I feel blessed and honoured to have played this vital role in the life of several people within and beyond India. Together the synergy created has been phenomenal. My gratitude to each one of you who put your trust in Fifth Element to take this part of your journey with me. I feel blessed.

One of my challenges has been coaching some people who are very close to me personally. Yet their trust, and the ease and comfort with which they opened up and listened has been commendable, making it easy for me to be detached and coach.

2015 also saw me going thru some major health issues.
I must say it affected me at various levels. For someone who has had excellent health by and large, it made me feel terribly hassled to start with. While blaming myself for having attracted this into my life, I even felt a little fearful. One revelation was that this fearful feeling seemed to affect me more than the pain. Another one that I resisted going to doctors. Yes it took a while to accept these parts of me that were alien to me so far.

As acceptance came in, I decided to move out of the victim mode and move to the creator zone, making a conscious choice to focus on having healing as the only outcome of this experience. And voila, the appropriate doctors, therapies, avenues just started coming into the space as if miraculously.

My doctor advised me to go for aqua-aerobics, and I could not find the facility available in Pune. After procrastinating for few months, one day I just went to the pool to start swimming at least. The very first lady I met there and started chatting with, turned out to be someone who knows aqua-aerobics very well and offered to teach me, in spite of the fact that she is not an instructor but a busy professional in another field. What else could I have asked for?

The entire experience has brought about major learnings and energy shifts inside me.
It has goaded me to deep cleanse some areas of my life, while taking my empathy levels a notch higher.
Self-care has been one of the key learnings. 
My gratitude to the entire medical fraternity for their amazing work. I have started respecting them, instead of resisting them.

Another interesting learning happened when I heard some people say, "You facilitate healing in others. How can you have health issues?"
That set me thinking that how easily we tend to go into judgments and assumptions. I was reminded of an incident from my school days. My interest was in science subjects, yet I almost decided against opting for it just because the biology teacher's sister failed in IX std. So I assumed that science is too tough a stream for even a teacher's sister to fail. My dad guided me to not live in assumptions, and instead make a conscious choice.

We forget that even the best cardiologist can have a heart problem. Can we empathise with the person? We all are in different developmental stages of our human evolvement. Our human incarnation needs us to go through our own life learnings through varied dramas enacted. What matters is do we get affected and carried away by the situations, or do we allow them to pass peacefully through us, while staying focused on our learnings. Often easier said than done, I agree.

It has indeed been a phenomenal year.
Thanking 2015 for all that it brought in, I am ready and willing to move into 2016 with open arms, in awareness, and with gratitude.

Let us celebrate 2015 for the great year that it was, and usher in gaiety and grandeur of 2016 with love, gratitude, acceptance, and equanimity.

Wishing you all a great 2016….

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