Monday, 18 July 2016


Tomorrow is Guru Purnima.

In today’s times of active social media, everyone will be wishing each other, and yet I wonder how many of us really know its significance.

Who is a Guru?
Guru word is used for the teacher / mentor who teaches anything to the learner / seeker. Guru imparts us knowledge and also guides us to transform that knowledge into wisdom.

Even our parents are our Guru. Everyone, everything, every situation in life can be our Guru.
It is up to us to use every life situation as a catalyst for our own evolution. When we are receptive and willing to learn, new possibilities keep opening up from everywhere.

Guru Purnima is celebrated on this full moon day to honor the teachers.

As I sit and reflect on my life, I am truly in gratitude to my parents for bringing me into this world, and providing me the best of all that they could. It is a different matter that some things provided were received well by me, and some may not have been to my liking. Yet the fact is that even the things that were not to my liking, held the potential to teach me some vital life lessons.

I am in gratitude to every being I have met, liked, loved, respected, adored, disliked, or even resisted. Each one of them have contributed hugely to who I am today.

I am in gratitude to the wisdom that every life experience has offered me, some I cherished, and some I felt challenging to deal with. What an irony that I have learnt more from the challenging situations of life. I wonder if that is true for others too.

Today I truly celebrate how my life has transformed. My intent is to make every day, every moment of my life a celebration.

Happy Guru Purnima to all….

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  1. How true... Our challenging situations teach us much more than our pleasant ones.... Beautifully written.... Each life situation teaches us