Wednesday, 25 January 2017


HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY to all my fellow Indians…

What does this day mean to us?
What is its significance for us?
Is it just about flag hoisting, listening to the age-old patriotic songs being played and replayed, enjoying the holiday, and / or watching the Republic day parade in Delhi? That is what it seems to be for many of us, including me.

Well Republic Day honors the day when the Constitution of our country came into force. The Constitution of India lays down the framework defining fundamental Political principles, powers & duties of government institutions, and sets out fundamental rights as well as the duties of citizens of India.

My observation is that most of us are aware of our fundamental rights to a great extent. It is a different story whether we exert our rights or not. And if not, what stops us. We often hear people discussing their disappointment about several issues that they face. But how will those discussions help if we don’t speak about the issues on the appropriate platforms, to the authorities directly responsible?

Secondly how many of us are even aware of our duties as citizens of India? Just because these duties are not enforceable by law, we choose to simply live in oblivion. How do we feel if our children only expect all their needs and demands to be met, but don’t want to fulfil any duties assigned to them?

India is our country. We are a part of this large family.
This Republic Day, shall we all make ourselves aware of our duties too, and stand committed to take our country forward? Together WE CAN.


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