Tuesday, 7 March 2017


While celebrating WOMEN'S DAY, I am simultaneously reminding myself to go beyond any inequalities that we may be experiencing, and unconsciously / consciously letting fester inside us.

Saluting the spirit
Of every woman
Can I consciously
Make myself present

To some simple facts
Well men and women
Are but two sides
Of the very same coin

Neither’s less nor more
They’re just different
Each one playing
Their own unique role

I am in acceptance of
The Beings we are
Irrespective of our
Perceived inequalities

Beyond Status n Religion
Abilities n Disabilities
Even sexual orientation 
Or geographic location 

I celebrate myself
For being who I AM
Incidentally my dear
I am a woman too

A mom, sister, and aunt
An authentic friend
I am born Indian 
Yet I AM the Universe

#goingbeyondinequalities #womensday #lifecoaching #womanyouhavemaninyou #manyouareapartofwoman

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