Saturday, 16 May 2015

One End of the Leash

How I enjoyed taking Sherry 
My dog for a walk
With her on the leash
Me in control
Well so I believed

Till one day
It hit me
N hit me hard indeed
Oh no....
T’was Sherry in control

She decided
When to walk, or run
Who to bark at, or just sniff
Where to pee
Or simply sit, n look around

With me merely
Following suit
Literally so
Walking at her pace
Stopping when she stopped

Wanting to control Sherry
With one end of the leash
In my hand
I was on the leash too
I’d lost my freedom

How oh how
Could I regain it my friends
T’was simple
Dropping my end of the leash
Freed me indeed

1 comment:

  1. Read it. So true . I feel I can control my son, I can have my way with him. I tell him what to do & what not to, all the time. I have to be 24 x 7 vigilant to keep a check on him. I m on my nerves, moment he does something & I pounce on him with anger. He is controlling, my state of being by his actions, not me. My peace or happiness is related to his actions. How funny. So I can choose to keep my controls on & my leash is in his hands & I always thought I can control him.