Saturday, 2 May 2015

Significance of Fifth Element Logo

The significance of our Fifth Element Logo:
Ø Planet earth in the middle, signifying we are Global / Universal.
Ø      The Inner globe and Outer globe denote the Microcosm and Macrocosm.
Ø Sense of a rocket going into space to explore the realms beyond our perception.
Ø       Multidimensional effect, denoting the Multidimensionality of Life.
Ø The Pyramid, representing harmony and unity within us, and with the environment. The individual building blocks of the pyramid are lessons we have so far successfully completed, and are living in awareness of them, while completing our pending lessons.
As soon as the top of the pyramid has been built to the necessary height and the whole structure has been cleanly rendered, the highest goal can be said to have been reached.
One is in perpetual harmony with Self and one’s environment

The Four Elements Fire, Air, Water, and Earth are considered to be the building blocks of existence at all levels. They are the Universal Forces upon which life depends.
FIRE   Energy and Vision, Warmth, Inspiration, Enthusiasm.
AIR    – Intellect & Compassion, Social qualities.
WATER – Emotional Needs, Feelings and Nurturing.
EARTH – Material Interests, Realism, Practicality and Stability.
As we learn to balance these Four Elements in our life, the Fifth Element also known as Quintessence (derived from quinta essential – literally meaning ‘fifth element’) is activated.
This is a vital force of energy that we need for Alchemy of Body, Mind & Soul.
Alchemy is transformation of base metal into gold.
Alchemy is transformation of suffering / drama of life into Consciousness.
The Ancient and Medieval Philosophy considers the Fifth Element as the highest element that permeates all nature. It is the underlying essence out of which the four material elements are precipitated. It is the key to our Metaphysical / Spiritual development.
It is also known as Akash or Aether.
According to Hindu Philosophy, it is the One, Eternal, and All Pervading substance which is imperceptible.

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