Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Comfort Zone

One fine day
It so dawned on me
Everyone’s comfort zone
Isn’t the same
For some it’s lazing
Action for some

Oh you mean it isn’t
A physical zone
It’s just in our mind
We but keep believing
That its real
Easy n peaceful

Am I really comfortable
In my comfort zone
Or maybe I am
In a quiet denial
While I ain't just
Feeling worthy enough

Could these be then
My limiting thoughts
Joining hands with
Some limited experiences
That but make me
Resist any change

Scared to step out
Of my comfort zone
While secretly admiring
The smart adventurers
Wishing I could be
Fearless like them

And then I remember
My childhood days
When I kept falling
E'er so often
While I was learning
To stand and walk

Doesn't the very fact
I'm walking today
Show I wasn’t fearful
Just chose not to go 
Into a status quo
A comfort zone

For every achievement
I've had so far
I confronted my fears
And challenged myself
Choosing not to be
In a comfort zone

Indeed a revelation
It’s such a misnomer
Comfort zone
Isn’t comfortable for sure
Just a repetitive zone
With no creativity

Tis mere complacence
Evolvement compromised
Loaded with resignation
No excitement either
Tis but a dead end
Where possibilities shrink

A limiting zone
Making me a victim
Engulfed so in my
Fears n insecurities
Thinking I’m alone
Not deserving enough

I finally bid adieu
To days of exile
Going b'yond my fears
N self-imposed limitations
Replacing poor me
With the empowered ME

Lo and behold
As I get comfortable
Outside of my
Comfort Zone
I AM the adventurer

I AM the Creator

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  1. So True. Rings a bell inside me to step out of my comfort zone.

  2. Well written ! I relate to much of it and a great reminder to take action.