Saturday, 12 September 2015


My dearest humans
E’er since I remember
You’ve been welcomed with
Open arms to my house

Knowing you’re my guests
I shower you with all I have
Air to breathe, water to drink
Grains, fruits, gardens n valleys

Its all thrown open to you
So you can grow n evolve
Adding to my abundant house
Your love, togetherness n joy

Alas, today I’m pained
Far from having gratitude
You take it all for granted
Don’t even seem to value it

What is your arrogance?
You use all my vegetation
Cutting away my trees
Destroying the mountains

You even drain away
My abundant water bodies
And keep digging away
My minerals and ores

You continue dumping
Your trash all over me
I but fail to understand
How far you’ll take this

You’re creating boundaries
Conveniently in the name of
Religion, Nation, Gender
Status, skin color e’en

How have you forgotten
You're but a guest here
Whose permission you took
To disintegrate me 

Calling me mother earth
Is this what people do
To their very own mother
Who provides ‘em selflessly

D’you ever ponder
How I must be feeling
Shorn of all my treasures
Parched to the core

My foundation when shaken
But causes earthquakes
N natural calamities
You've no control over

I feel so shattered
Being a silent spectator
To all the destruction
That but ensues

How do I teach you
To simply learn to co-exist
Can you take care of me too
So I continue providing you

We only have a presence
Because of each other
None of us is independent
We’re all but interdependent


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