Friday, 28 October 2016


How obsessed are we
With our dramas of life
Seeming so real
Each one truly unique
But taking us away
From who we are

We identify with them
Thinking that’s our life
Unaware how their impacts
Psychological, psychosomatic
Some psychosocial too
Are getting deeply etched

We even tend to believe
Ours are the most
Challenging and crucial
Probably they are…
Yet it’s our narrative
Not the reality for sure

This compelling identification
With self-created stories
Has hijacked us already
Not even allowing a peek
Beyond our narratives
At our real self

Do we but realise
Whatever we identify
Ourselves with
Life simply starts
To function around that
Making it our reality

We aren’t limited edition
Script new narratives NOW
That are empowering
Fulfilling and transforming
Connecting each one to
The eternal I AM 

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