Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Newsletter of Bikram Yoga Katong, Singapore

In the first exciting workshop of its kind at Bikram Yoga Katong, Fifth Element is bringing you the opportunity of self-healing through the scientific method of Reiki.

This is a 2-day workshop happening Friday and Saturday (April 24 and 25), and will be conducted by
 Master Rita Chadha, who has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of Life Coaching, Feng Shui Consultancy, Reiki Wellness Therapy, and Reiki Training.

What is
Reiki refers to the Universal Life Force energy which is omnipresent and abundant. It is a holistic system that helps create Balancing and Healing in body and spirit. It can help energize you as well. Reiki is not a belief system. It is scientific.

There are limitless applications of Reiki energy:
- Heal and energize oneself and others physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
- Heal and energize relationships
- Energize and manifest your intent
- Energize your projects
- Experience life as being smooth, easy and flowing
- Create and manifest abundance for oneself
- Stress reduction, Relaxation, and Activation of the body's natural healing abilities
- Use in conjunction with medical therapies to relieve negative side effects

People of all ages can learn and practice Reiki, be it children as young as 6, or the elderly, students, highly placed officials, pregnant women, surgical patients, people with good health as well as people with medical conditions. Like the yoga you experience at Bikram Yoga Katong, it is for everybody.

Healthy people can do Reiki for its energizing benefits, and for deep relaxation.

Participants say learning to do Reiki is a gift to yourself for a lifetime.:

"It helped me open my mind and accept things as they are, to encounter my fears and overcome them, and be in gratitude to life, to my loved ones, and even to love those who have hurt me. It taught me to let go of things and to forgive and forget," says Mrs Manisha, who participated in a workshop in India.

Says Ms Kiran: "I had acute bronchitis for a month, and was on steroids for 15 days. I had many bad side effects from the medicine. With Reiki, I started feeling 90% better. It is an empowering technique learnt in just two days, and I look at it as investment in my personal growth."

Directly on the website or make payment directly at Bikram Yoga Katong.

Participants will be taken on a first come, first serve basis, thanks to the overwhelming response.

Another workshop is being planned in coming weeks.

Feel free to contact the facilitator, Ms Rita Chadha, at  8386 0900 / 8186 9616, should you have any queries.
Visit the for more information.

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