Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dance of Energy in Feng Shui

I was doing the Feng Shui consultancy for their house.

One of my observations was that the energies of their daughter are almost completely outside the house. It is interesting how this impacted in her life.

She is a young girl, staying at home with her parents, but went and took up a job that kept her very very busy. Not only that, her work place was so far that every day almost 4 hours were spent in commuting. This meant she was spending minimal time in the house. Moreover, she kept to herself, with almost no communication with the family. She literally excluded herself from the family, as if she did not belong there, for no apparent reason. Obviously her non-communication was a major concern for the family.

Secondly, from energy perspective, she was occupying the room which was meant for the head of the family. Impact of this was that due to varied reasons, the parents were going through a rough phase in life, and for quite some time this girl became the sole earning member in the family, thereby fulfilling the role of the benefactor.

This gives us a good glimpse into how deeply and powerfully the energies of our living as well as working spaces can impact us.

Using Feng Shui, they were guided to make the appropriate shifts in their house. And within a couple of weeks after the shifts were completed, results started showing significantly. This same girl started communicating with all in the family almost overnight. Also financially and career-wise, things started picking up to such an extent for them that every family member became an earning member.

I simply love this dance of energy creating such amazing impacts in life with such simple moves...

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  1. It's so intriguing to learn the impact of feng shui in what might seem the simplest issues in our lives. Not to say it doesn't have any effect on more complex ones. A true eye-opener!