Sunday, 12 April 2015

Day and Night

Day and Night
Amazing partners
We'd learnt they're opposite
Are they really 

One completing the other
Complementing too
Nary exists sans the other
    Neither's absolute

  Day ends, night is born
As night ends, tis day again
 One willingly dies
Giving birth to the other

One's light, other dark
One cools, other gives warmth
And yet oh yet
They're not opposite

Their duration changing with time
Oh so gradually, totally in sync
Longer days embracing shorter nights
E'er staying in balance

No conflict, no competition
No identity crisis e'en
E'er flowing into each other's arms
Happily merging together

Where is the other, they are but one
They are the whole
Day and night
Amazing partners

1 comment:

  1. Day and Night as partners! had never though of it like that. Insightful perspective. I like how they are happily merging without conflict :)