Sunday, 19 April 2015

Customer Service at its Best

I was to travel from Pune to Mumbai airport, and my friend recommended I use this particular taxi person.

The cab driver arrived promptly on time. He came to my apartment, carried my bags and informed me that both bags have perfectly fitted in the trunk.

As I got into the cab, I noticed that it was spotlessly clean and smelling fresh. He had those removable sunscreens put on the backseat windows and at the rear on my side. Before I got in, the A/c had already been kept on, so that I get into a cool cab. I was genuinely impressed. In fact after some time, I had to ask him to reduce the A/c. My normal experience has been that one has to keep asking them to increase the a/c. For the first time I was experiencing this other way. All the above things are mostly not experienced in India.

Then normal trend is that at the toll booth, they take cash from the customer to pay toll. This person paid the toll himself and settled the bill at the end.

On entering Mumbai, whichever route he was taking, he was informing me the advantages of taking that route. As I reached Mumbai airport, he asked me to wait in the cab. He went and got the trolley for me, put my bags there and then asked me to come out.

I have yet to see this level of customer service in India. I consider it my privilege to have met this person. What a wonderful human being! As a passenger, I felt completely safe, provided and served gracefully.

Honestly I feel he can train so many people into what it is to be in Customer Service.

Enroute as I started talking to him, I got to know that he comes from a good family. He studied till junior college, and was doing a job till a few years ago when he got diagnosed with throat cancer. Long treatments and surgeries, etc. didn't allow him to be regular in his job, and he lost his job. Then he decided to become self-employed and converted his car into a taxi. Today he also has people working under him. He is now clear of cancer. Has a wife and two school going children and wants to give them a good life. At times he even works for 16-18 hours. 

I salute this man.  

For anyone who would like to avail his services, he is from Mumbai, his name is Goldie. His mobile +91 9820332333.

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