Tuesday, 17 March 2015

To Mom with Love

The soul has merged with the whole
The dew drop’s
Truly become oceanic
So what do we mourn ???

Death is not a dearth
Tis a celebration
Watching Mom transition
The most amazing experience

The merger
The tranquility
The serenity
After the pain & struggle

Is she out there somewhere
Who knows
Truly feeling her inside me
Beside me, a part of me

Feel blessed n honored
To witness this happening
Experiencing the oneness
Of Pain & Joy, Life & Death

Possessiveness giving way
To detachment
Form moving to formless
In its sheer beauty

The last one hour…
Her resistance
Giving way to acceptance
The doubts & fears
Of the dew drop
B’fore jumping into the ocean
Blood pressure going down
E’er so gradually
170 – 130 – 60 – 25 - - 0 – 0 . . .
While I just stand by

Pain on the face giving way
To a beautiful smile
With eyes closed, as if 
Seeing a lovely dream

She said some months ago
I want to now go to daddy
She didn’t want
To go away or die
So clearly focused
On the destination
Not running away
In any way

Am pleasantly surprised
At my acceptance of it all
Well almost all
Lighting the pyre was painful
Acceptance vanished
Emotions came up strong

Death I didn't know
This side of you
Nor this side of me
I love you
I welcome you
The way you took away
All the pain & suffering
And brought back the smile

Taking Mom on her journey
To her chosen destiny…

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