Sunday, 15 March 2015

Impact of a Back Door

It is so amazing and exciting how the Feng Shui of every house / office opens up newer vistas of information and newer perspectives to life, along with its multi-dimensionalities.

When I was doing the Feng Shui Consultancy of this house, I noticed that it had two entrances, one in front and the other towards the back. For some reason all members of the family were using the back entrance only. The front door was only being used by the guests.

Here I need to mention that the back entrance was not a straight forward entrance, it was a little rigmarole through a passage and the kitchen. Yet the entire family preferred using that only.

I had this strong sense that they need to only use the front door. I was myself intrigued and was wondering why. I have done Feng Shui consultancy of  many premises with more than one entrances, and I did not have this sense.

As I was working on their house I realized the significance. This was not just another entrance. This was a round about back door. When we are using the back door, we are conveying something to the universe, the people out there. A back door entry normally symbolizes something hidden, something that is not being confronted, and resistance to address issues upfront.

When I discussed this with the lady of the house, she was willing to start using the front door herself, but had apprehensions how her family members may respond to this suggestion. And when she did discuss with them, giving them the background, they all readily agreed to start using the front door only, and closed the back door completely. So it was a smooth transition.

Yes this was just the starting point, and then we went on to the detailed Feng Shui of the house, and that was implemented later.

However, immediately after they closed the back door, a Pandora's box seemed to have opened up. The issues in their life which had been kept on the back burner, started coming straight into their face and had to be addressed, rather confronted. Not only this, issues that other people were sort of hiding from them started to reveal themselves. Yes it was to their benefit obviously.

Can you believe that just the closing of the back door opened so many things for them?

However, closing the back door is not a thumb rule for all houses with more than one entrances. A lot of other aspects need to be taken into account as well.

The Feng Shui of every premise has its own unique key features to be addressed.

This also opened a lot of things in my life, and taught me the importance of identifying and sealing the back doors in my life.... metaphorically speaking....

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