Sunday, 8 March 2015

I Am You and You Are Me

Humans are selfish
And so petty
Can't they be genuine
Stop gossiping
Why oh why
Don't they understand?

Look at me...
Am different
So genuine n great
Holier than thou
Purest of pure
A cut above the rest

Is that true
Of course
Well almost...
Is it really true

Get off my back
Stop asking me
Stop judging me
It's my life

Don't make me
Look within
B’yond this identity
I took years
To cultivate

Such a perfect one
Bit too perfect maybe
Oh crap...
It’s fragile too

Didn't even realize
It's a sand hill
Slightest wind
Takes it
Crashing down
I look around
Hoping nobody saw

And alas
I start again
Create yet another one
Believing this time
I'll be smarter
More perfect yet

New image for me
N blaming all
Can't you be happy
With who you are....

Why oh why
Are they stuck
In image

Look at me
I am
Not like them...
I am real
My image is real

So what
If I don't like
To see my fears
Nor the tears
Insecurities galore
Struggling to make
Me the best

Why don't I
Simply love myself
Just the way
I am
Why oh why

I can see
I am
Just like them
They and me
A splitting image

You and me
How different are we
How alike are we
I am you
And you are me....

1 comment:

  1. the words in this blog resonate with me for the reason that i too fell victim to my thoughts quite often. i believed that i endured wrong doings at the hands of others and was in a bubble clouded by self victimisation and pity. it became clearer to me later that in the process i could have been ignorant of how my actions might have had the same impact on others.