Monday, 9 March 2015

The Choices We Make

Recently a young couple had their first child born premature. The baby had to be kept in the incubator. After 2 weeks she started having trouble in breathing which was obviously a matter of huge concern..

When I was contacted for healing, I sensed that the baby is very strong, with a mind of her own. She was clear she does not want to go home and so had created this sickness. Let me be honest, a little part inside me was skeptical about this.

Well, I took her into healing energy and next day asked the parents if there is any issue with their house because baby seems to be refusing to go home. I was informed that their new house was ready to be moved in to, but elders in the family wanted them to wait few more weeks and then only move. I did suggest to them to explore the possibility of moving earlier.

After two weeks I got a call from them saying the baby has been discharged from the hospital, and they are taking her home. And guess what? They also informed me that they had moved into their new house the previous day.

Is this a coincidence? Obviously not... Nothing in life is a coincidence.

Can you see how early we start making our choices, and to what extent we can go to have our way?

My learning - After this incident, I will not give any excuse ever in my life saying that I was helpless, I wasn't given a choice, or nobody helped me... We are too powerful for that at any age…. We are always making our choices whether consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously...

My only concern now is that health issues could play a big role in this baby’s life....

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  1. Thanks for sharing this massi. We all know what we want n like n what we don't want or dislike. Yet it often happens that we get what we don't like. Like you said this happens at a conscious, unconscious or subconscious level. Hence, we are very much responsible for every choice we make n every incident we experience (good n bad) n no excuse is good or valid enough. It's a very important lesson I have learnt n this baby's story is a reminder that at the end of the day it's the thoughts that we give more energy n place to, that will come alive faster n stronger.