Tuesday, 10 March 2015

India's Daughter

So much discussion and angry outbursts in media about the documentary "India's daughter" 

Considering the huge impact media often has on us, we can also hear many people feeling angry and agitated about it

As I watched the documentary, I was totally blown away by its impact on me. 
It has hit me hard, and I am glad I watched it.
I am glad that someone filmed it. 
It has shaken me up, and brought out so many revelations about myself.

I was angry about their portrayal of our country, the image.
I was angry that a woman can go through such helplessness.
I was angry at those men who are giving their judgments about the do's and don'ts for women.
I was also feeling ashamed at the state of affairs in our country.

Can I be mature enough to confront the reality and stop living in denial, just to protect the image?

Isn’t it a fact that a huge population in our country has this kind of mind-set, as seen in the documentary? Turning away from it, or banning the telecast of this documentary is just closing our eyes to these realities of life.

There is a need to educate these men… Simply punishing them or hanging them will not serve any purpose. Can we just pause and ponder over the possibility that they may not even be knowing another way?

I am so impressed by the girl’s parents, who are poor and do not seem to have much exposure to a lot of things in life, yet so gracefully evolved in their thinking.

What has this stirred up inside us? What are we feeling agitated about?
Haven’t we all experienced gender disparity in some form or the other? 
Maybe not to this extreme. Maybe just fleetingly. 
Maybe we don't have to live with it all the time. 
But we seem to be resigned to it, and pretend that it doesn't bother us.

This film has made us feel ashamed and awkward, and we cannot deal with it.
It has thrown in our face how vulnerable women can be. And we don’t like it.
So we want to numb some emotions inside us, and live in denial. Is that a solution?

It is high time we start addressing issues rather than sitting in that high chair of judgment, and simply condone things.

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