Tuesday, 21 July 2015

LIFE & Law of Thermodynamics

   Some life experiences 
Felt truly challenging
How I wished 'em
To simply get lost

But alas, I'm told 
Don't be so vain
Wishing the challenges
To just disappear?

My child, don't think
You'll but escape
The Universal Laws
That apply to all

If you pause to seek
Life lessons n gifts
You will be filled
With gratitude indeed

I now see what it means
Those very experiences
Kept pushing me
To go b’yond myself

Persevering firmly
To explore n unearth
My inner strengths
That were news to me

Lo and behold
They introduced me
To higher intelligences
N newer domains

And as I surrender
I'm granted access
To lay claims
To my intrinsic powers

I start being guided
To learn to transform
Every adversity
Into an opportunity

Law of Thermodynamics
Finally understood
Nothing can be destroyed
Can only be transformed

If we so choose....