Tuesday, 16 August 2016


By and large we seem to be conditioned to look for grandness in others, and so we also look for grandness in Divinity / God / Higher power. 

I certainly don't doubt the grandness of that Higher power whether we call it Divinity, God, Energy, or whatever else. But point here is we look for it outside. Haven’t we all heard that God resides within us? All ascended masters have been asking us to look within. I think conceptually we do understand it. Yet how many of us are willing to look at that God within? What stops us really?

One seeks answers from that God outside, in temples, churches, mosques, some religious / spiritual authority, or maybe an idol. Why do we not even pause to see that Divinity / God within us? Probably we don't even feel worthy of having that Divinity within ourselves. 

I remember this little kid who was writing an essay on ‘Myself’. When I suggested that he could also write there, “I am a good boy”, hesitatingly he added that sentence to his essay, but knowing himself that he was a naughty kid, he had a lot of resistance in even writing it. On my pointing out his several good qualities, he still said, "But I am also very naughty." I then explained to him that being naughty was just one of his attributes, and it does not expunge all the other attributes of his. And one of his incredible attributes was that he was so truthful about himself.
Many of us are like that kid. We know our own perceived inadequacies and some closely guarded secrets, which we have somewhere inside us labelled wrong /inappropriate. We overlook the fact that we are human, and being human encompasses having the best attributes as well as the so-called worst. All that is needed is just being cognizant of those attributes within us, and knowing to utilize them judiciously and effectively, whenever required.

Having said that, let us also be aware that this non-acceptance of the Divinity within is happening subconsciously or unconsciously. We are not doing it consciously, nor in awareness. Shall we just browse over what could be some of the reasons for this, some implications of owning up God / Divinity within?

We are aware that once we accept and acknowledge the Divinity within us:

If and when things don't work out as planned, we have to take responsibility and ownership of it.
We cannot blame things outside on anyone / anything.
We cannot play victim.
We cannot look for sympathy votes.
We cannot get into drama.
We have to seek all answers from within.
We have to plan and take action to manifest our way forward.
We cannot feel inadequate, worthless or small.
We have to feel magnanimous.
We don't essentially have to be caught up in rituals.

Apparently this seems to be a tall order. So isn’t it sheer convenience to keep the Divinity outside only?

We may not have pondered over the fact that one does not need to be all of the above suddenly. It is a journey which starts with simply accepting and acknowledging the Divinity within. This does not stop us from being human. We can still be doing all the things we would like to, and fulfill all our desires, while being aware of our actions and their consequences. 

The moment I observe myself playing a victim in life, I check myself and shift to being an active creator / co-creator. Obviously I fall / fail so often, but that is irrelevant. What matters is that every time I have the choice to get up and re-generate myself. One can never really fail, unless one gives up.

Whether we accept and acknowledge the Divinity within or not, it still exists within us by default. So anyway we are creating our own destiny knowingly or unknowingly. That being so, why not start creating consciously, with awareness? All one needs to do is honor the divinity with grace and humility, and choose to feel empowered.

Divinity / God is the energy, the infinite unbounded consciousness which is omnipresent, and its potential is way beyond our limited comprehension. It is the space of infinite possibilities, infinite creativity, infinite joy, bliss, fulfillment and peace. This amazing infinite space is waiting to be claimed by us within ourselves. The only thing required to be done is that God energy inside us is to be accepted, honored, trusted, and listened to... Doing that allows us to recalibrate ourselves to the new energy, thereby activating and encouraging cellular changes to occur.

The best part is that we do not need to wait for SOME DAY to actualize all this. It is simply there for our asking. It is for us to start making our choices consciously to steer our life towards the destiny chosen by us, co-created by us. And the only time to do that is NOW.

You and I are not the doers. Isn’t it true that the energy inside us does everything? The more we are in orientation with that energy, the more things simply start happening in our space, rather than we struggling to make them happen.

While doing so, it is by no means being suggested that you don't worship God outside, if you want to. However, while worshipping an idol, a belief, how about honoring gratitude, acknowledgment, forgiveness, apologies, love, self-care, acceptance, togetherness, oneness, and humanity itself.....

Having so far known it conceptually, now let us experience that we are an integral part of that Divinity. That means you and I are a part of the family of God. Then how can anyone be less or more, irrespective of our social / financial status, color, creed, nationality, gender, religion, abilities, attributes, certifications. 

WE are the Universe.

Mythology narrates to us the miracles created by Gods, in every religion.

The intent of those stories is to let us humans become aware of what we are capable of doing and being, to empower us by awakening us to our unlimited possibilities. Most of us don't even pause to see miracles as a possibility or even a probability for ourselves. Instead we sit in awe of them, and continue to worship our own version/s of God, based on our inherited religion or acquired religion, our conditioning and our convenience.

Can we shake ourselves up and understand that God is not looking for glorification nor gratification?
We simply need to believe in ourselves, learn our lessons, take actions in our life and create our own miracles...

We truly need to bring in a paradigm shift in our narrative / interpretation of GOD..... DIVINITY..... HIGHER POWER.... 

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Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Early morning sun
Rising graciously
Mystique of nature
Leaves me astounded
Feeling so expansive
Words escape me
Intoxicating quietude
Takes o’er me

Silence calls me
Embraces me
Engulfs me
  Liberates ME...

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