Sunday, 13 August 2017


If Lord Krishna were like us, his PROBABLE LIIFE STORY would have been:

You can't even imagine what a struggle my life has been. 
I was born in a prison 😅
My parents were alive yet I was brought up by foster parents 😏
As a newborn baby I was taken out through water on a stormy rainy night
My own real uncle tried to kill me so many times
I was labelled Makhanchor. Think of my self-esteem. After that how could I even face this world?

Had we been told this version of his life story, would we have been worshipping him?

All of us us have those 'poor me' parts in our life. It's often not easy dealing with them. Yet, do we need to make those parts our identity?

Instead of looking at those parts as obstacles and getting stopped, can we learn to use those so-called obstacles as stepping stones to evolve in life, and shine through?

How about celebrating this Janmashtami by transforming those ‘poor me’ parts of ourselves?

I AM choosing to evolve.