Sunday, 27 March 2016


One of the surprises of modern science is that atoms and sub-atomic particles do not behave like anything we see in the everyday world. They are not small balls that bounce around.

Quantum Physicists have discovered that if we observe the composition of an atom under a microscope, we would see a small invisible tornado like vortex of energy, with a number of infinitely small energy vortices called quarks and photons. As we focus closer on the structure of the atom, we would see nothing but a physical void. This indicates that the atom has no physical structure, and is in fact made of invisible energy, not tangible matter.

All physical things that we call living and non-living are also made of atoms and molecules, so they have no physical structure really. 

Same is true for us human beings as well, so we too do not have any physical structure.

And since atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, that means we human beings and all things around us are also made of energy and vibration, radiating our own unique energy structure.

This is one of the important doctrines behind the Science of Feng Shui.

Every atom, every thought, emotion, feeling vibrates and radiates its own energy pattern. That naturally attracts matching frequency energy patterns back. So the unique energy patterns of each human being attract the particular premises with matching energy patterns, and vice versa. This holds good for the residential premises as well as for office premises.

It is amazing how the Biofield of energy that a human being is vibrating with consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously, automatically attracts the living and working spaces with similar energies. The two energies complement each other, and identify each other.

Applying Feng Shui to a space ensures that the energy around is of consistently high frequency moving at a healthy pace, while allowing us to be better tuned in and aligned to our environment, thereby setting the scenario for wonderful opportunities and prosperity in all areas of life.

Where Life Coaching brings about an ‘Inside out’ transformation, Feng Shui complements the process by initiating an ‘Outside in’ transformation. Both techniques can be effectively utilized in conjunction to approach the same situations from multiple dimensions.

I have experienced that often it is not comfortable for some clients to accept some of their hidden parts and patterns. They continue to hide those parts from others, and sometimes even from themselves, not realizing that it is just their identity feeling attacked. In such cases, Feng Shui comes as a great support. Addressing those so-called difficult areas of life through application of Feng Shui in the immediate environment brings about the required shifts of energy around the person first, which becomes instrumental in the transformation of the individual, making the journey easier.  

Maria, a client of mine (name changed) was a petite, very attractive and confident young girl. When she approached me, she was going through a particularly low phase in her otherwise successful career. She was also majorly dealing with nagging persistent health issues and low sexual compatibility with her husband. All this was weighing heavily on her mind. When such a charming young girl finds that her husband is not even being aroused by her, it really hits her self-esteem. It feels like a jolting rejection, besides leaving her feeling unfulfilled.

I knew I had to check the energy of their house. I always find it intriguing and exciting reading the floor plan of any premises, identifying and analyzing the energies of the occupants which literally narrates the story of their lives.

I realized that the area meant for female energy and partnering energy was majorly outside the house. Besides there were other features in the house that were draining the female energy to a large extent. There was fire and drainage in the career area, and in the health sector too. Male energy in that apartment was getting drained out almost completely, leaving a huge void there. All these things put together were playing havoc in their life.

Now someone can say that if the house was creating all this in their life, why didn’t they just move into another house? This is a valid suggestion, no doubt. However, over here we need to get a little understanding of how energy works. Our energies which are much more powerful than our logical mind, attract the house with similar energy patterns. That is how a particular space just pulls us, for showing us our energy patterns in a physical domain, so that we may address those areas of our life.

Maria and her husband were in denial of their lack of compatibility. Their constant squabbles did not allow them to address their health and career issues which needed to be addressed. At this stage, even if they had chosen to move into another house, chances are strong that they would have attracted a house with similar energy patterns again.

As they completed all the recommended shifts in the apartment, within a short span of time, Maria’s energy started picking up. Her career began to zoom beyond her expectations. Her health settled down tremendously. She moved from being a victim of life situations to being a conscious creator of manifesting her dreams. They both finally took the initiative to step out of the denial zone, and started addressing their issues in ways they thought appropriate. Instead of running away from the situations of life, they started having a listening for each other. The logjam had been broken.

Quantum mechanics is truly amazing……

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