Wednesday, 5 July 2017


I AM Nature's Greatest Miracle
And so are YOU my dear
But do you recognise it?
Isn't it time to declare it?
I AM not better than YOU
Nor less than anyone
Yet a complete Unique being
Exactly how we're meant to be

I AM in fact a Masterpiece
An integral part of this world 
Carved out so exclusively
As is each one of us

I AM here to shine my light
Not emulate or imitate anyone
No need to seek approval
Coz I know I AM enough

I AM forever exploring myself
Accessing my optimum potential
Re-inventing and Re-creating
The best version of Me

I AM focused on playing my role
Coz I'm not here by Chance
Oh yes, we're here by Choice
To complete a certain Purpose

I AM celebrating myself
Every moment each day
Embracing my Humanness
While honouring WHO I AM

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