Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Why does our past seem to haunt us then?

It would be a good idea to check if you are tapping into the UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCES or the VALUABLE LIFE LESSONS from that resource.

Agreed some past is not pleasant and can create immense turmoil inside us. All of us are curious to know how we can be liberated from it?

Please understand that we humans have an excellent inbuilt filing system. That’s why the moment something happens, almost instantly we’re able to tap into our memory bank and pull out the related specific incident/s with the minutest details. But t
he best systems / technologies in the world can be useless if one does not know how to use them effectively. 

The irony here is that nobody ever taught us the ART OF FILING. I am going to explain that today to the best of my ability, and as I understand it. 

So when a letter is received by mail, would the envelope be filed without opening it, or the papers inside will be filed? Obviously the papers inside, right?

Interestingly in life we tend to do the opposite. Our life experiences and the associated people are actually the envelopes, and the learnings from each situation / person are the valuable contents. Most of us are not even aware of this. So typically, we rarely open the envelopes to check the valuable contents hidden inside. We simply keep filing the envelopes along with our judgments loaded with hurts, upsets, betrayals, anxieties and stress. Not only that, we even get so attached to the envelopes and our perceptions & assumptions about the contents which have not even been accessed by us. 

Now let us check if you have ever received an empty envelope from anyone in life. I don’t think so.
Likewise in life no situation or person is put there without a message / learning waiting to be unveiled and imbibed by us. This is especially true for the seemingly unpleasant, often heart-breaking and testing ones. Once the learning is taken, only that needs to get stored while letting go of the people / situation associated with it. There is no need for any dramatic decisions like, "I will never talk to this person again"; or "I am going to prove it to them that they are wrong and I am right"; "How dare she talk to me so rudely?"; etc. 

In fact those people and situations actually need to be acknowledged for playing the role so that we could get our life lessons. 

This however could often feel easier said than done. I've myself experienced resistance in acknowledging some people / situations for their role in my life. But every time I've gathered the courage to do it, it has only liberated me. So however hard it may feel for me, I just do it.

High time we check our filing skills, learn the expertise, and get to offload a lot of baggage of those yet unopened envelopes!

Friday, 27 July 2018


Happy Guru Purnima to all
Guru Purnima is celebrated in India on this full moon day as a tribute to the teachers / mentors Gurus in our life.
This also includes anyone, anything and any situation in life that contributed to us being who we are.
My first gratitude this morning was to my parents who obviously became my first Gurus in this life. My gratitude to mom and dad for bringing me into this world, and showering so much love on me and providing me the best of all that they could. Having said that I realise that there were things that were provided with their best intent, yet were not received well by me as they were different from what I wanted. They did not match up with ‘My way’
I particularly remember dad was so keen that I become a doctor, and mom wanted me to be a teacher. And guess what? I wanted to be an engineer. But back in those days, girls going into engineering field wasn’t the norm. So I was very nicely and may be conveniently dissuaded from it. And I didn’t take a stand for myself, because I apparently complied.
All of us have a rebel inside us. Some of us rebel overtly and some do it covertly. So in spite of being brilliant in my studies, I was not able to clear the entrance exam for medicine. I indeed played a safe game by showing that I tried. But did I really try? I wonder.. And consciously I had no clue of my game at that time, and even till much later.
It is a universal fact that whatever our parents tell us we either listen to them conveniently or we do exactly the opposite. So we are either in a compliance mode or a resistance mode. But the beauty is that whatever we don’t seem to like somewhere stays in our memory bank and sooner or later we may land up complying. All this is happening at such subtle levels that we don’t even realise it.
So though I chose a completely different field by doing post-grad in Organic Chemistry, I never used that in my professional career. My first job, apparently coincidentally, was in Textile machinery exports. But can you see it was related to engineering, and a field women didn’t want to enter in those days. How can I even deny that the covert rebel was in action?
Thereafter I worked in International Logistics, and then moved on to being a Stock broker, none of which had anything to do with Chemistry.
Yet the truth is that all these choices were made in survival mode. Since my commitment levels are high, I excelled in each of these jobs, but my objective was mainly financial gain. I am not saying there is anything wrong with focusing on financial gain, but the point is none of those jobs were my passion. And I was searching.
My search got completed when several years later I found my passion and the purpose of my life. I feel so fulfilled and joyous being a Life Coach, Leadership mentor and Feng Shui Consultant.
Now shall we look at the deeper dynamics at play?
. Today I am being a catalyst in the physical and emotional healing of people. Isn’t this what DOCTORS do?
· I am a Life Coach & Mentor enabling people feeling overwhelmed by the multiple challenges of life and guide them to be empowered for accelerated growth and fulfilment in all areas of life. Isn’t that being a TEACHER?
· My technique involves melding Scientific laws with the laws of the Universe with the objective of bringing about an energetic shift by creating new neuropathways. Isn’t this inner ENGINEERING of human beings?
· As a Feng Shui Consultant I am focused on the interplay of the elements. Every thought, emotion, feeling we have vibrates with and radiates its own energy patterns because of the chemicals that get secreted therein. And the Biofield of energy that a human being is vibrating with consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously, automatically attracts the living and working spaces with similar energies. Isn’t all this CHEMISTRY?
Everything started adding up now. Whatever was being suggested by my dad, mom as well as my own self was actually guiding me to my passion and purpose, though I was oblivious of it and so were my parents probably. Irrespective of whether I understood the dynamics of all that was happening, I was all along being navigated towards my passion and purpose. Anything / anyone that would not have supported me in this were being removed from my life.
I have immense gratitude to my parents and all my life experiences for having guided me so dynamically. My acknowledgement to each and every person who have played a part in my journey so far.
Happy Guru Purnima indeed….